Monday, July 12, 2010

Jay Leno's Library Card?

A library is a very busy place.

In May of this year, the Los Angeles Public Library faced severe budget cuts. Jay Leno commented on his show that these cuts would effect all of 9 people.

To be blunt, what a jerk.

An LAPL Librarian remarked that these cuts were no laughing matter & that nearly 17 million people use the LAPL.

I learned about this incident in the most recent issue of American Libraries.

Maybe if Jay Leno went to a library to do some research to back up his comments, he would found out how many people work at the LAPL's; how many people use them.. depend on them.

Not everyone is middle or upper class and has cable television and internet in their homes. Not everyone can afford to go to the movies to see every new blockbuster hit. Not everyone chooses to, or can afford even if they wanted to, purchase every book they'd like to read.

Jay Leno, go get a library card, open your eyes, & LEARN something about the COMMUNITY CENTER you are about to mock. In my eyes, your stupidity is the only thing worth mocking.

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