Monday, July 5, 2010

Character Characteristics

I'm about 3/4 of the way through Nicholas Sparks' "The Last Song." It is the first NS book I've read, and I can see why he has a extensive amount of avid followers. I'm glad I've read one of his books, as I can add him to my repertoire of experience, but I don't think I'll be reading anymore of his novels. Why? Don't know... perhaps I've heard that they are all much alike. If you've read one, have you read them all?

Also, since the movie of this book has come out it is difficult for me to not picture Miley Cryus as the female lead, Ronnie. That is something my book club often discusses... what their visions of certain characters are.

I recently read "Will Grayson, Will Grayson" by David Levithan & John Green. Loved this book ! It was exceptional. Poignant, funny, true to the discusses social class structures that exist in high school. Friendship, love, all the standard themes of YA novels. But this novel is unique in many ways, the story line for one (two random strangers meet and they have the same name) and also the accurate-ness (?) of the plot & the characters. It all is so real. Some of the main characters are homosexual and it brings an honest portrayal of these young people. It truly shows how they have the same problems with love, friends, fitting in, that all young people do.

To my point though...a few of my friends have read this book. Through brief discussion of the book it came out that we all pictured one character African American, even though there no where in the story does it mention his skin color. Myself, after realizing this depiction was of my own creating and not because of any indication in the story I was...surprised, shocked. Why did I think this? I am not racist, or prejudice on any level. Shortly there after I began, unintentionally, to picture this young man as white.

Are we prejudice without meaning to be? Do our thoughts think themselves? There must be some reasoning behind this coincidence...after all it wasn't just me, it was other readers as well. Does it have something to do with nature? I'm not sure...

What are you experiences with picturing characters and landscapes as you read?



p.s. David Levithan is one of my favorite authors. Check him out!

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