Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've been away... very busy with family vacations & an upcoming wedding.

So, what is new in my world of books?

Well I'm reading Jennifer Weiner's newest "Fly Away Home." I'm only about 30 pages into it...so far so good! I enjoy her novels. They are true to heart I think... you really get a sense of the character's whole world; her characters always seem very real to me.

Also, I've dived into one of Anne Bronte's novels...but I think that is for another post.

A few semesters ago...actually probably 2 years ago I had to read a Sherlock Holmes novel (Hound of the Baskervilles) for school. My father is an avid Holmes fan. He loves the stuff. He will read the same novels and short stories over and over again. We all have given up on trying to introduce him to new authors, new characters.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed Hound, it was excellent. Anyone who is a Holmes fan to any degree should read that novel (if your Holmesian and you haven't, shame on you!) From there, I went on to read another short story (Silver Blaze) per my father's instruction.

Just last week I asked him to recommend a few other short stories to me, which were his favorite?

And this leads us to my point... I think you can see into someone, learn something of them by knowing what their favorite readings are. Yes, of course you won't be able to read everything that someone else enjoys...and you shouldn't. You should read what you like because YOU LIKE IT, not because someone else does or because they recommended it to you.

However, this is my father. In 30 years, he may not be here...I will be able to know which stories were his favorite...why he loved Holmes. (This makes me wonder...why does he love Holmes? I don't know...this worries me, and I shall have to ask. ) Reading these same favorites allows my father & I to share something. Reading the same book or story with someone is a unique way of sharing something, I think.

Do you remember what your last love's favorite novel was? You know their favorite band probably? Why not what they read? 100 years ago ...Elizabeth would have know Darcy's favorite. (And if you don't get the reference.... geewillakers you better get reading)

Do you have a fond memory of a parent reading to you as a child? Or some other shared reading moment?



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