Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book's choice

Everyone has different tastes in books. Working in a public library has made me become the personal librarian for a lot of my friends. Some of them read more than others. Often I'll recommend books I've read & like, or loved to them. Sometimes one friend will enjoy a certain book I did, then not enjoy a similar one.

The characteristics of the books A & B may be similar enough...but person 1, who enjoyed book A might not enjoy book B, despite the similarities.

Why? If they are all alike?

Well, they aren't really alike enough I guess. Or is it timing?

Have you ever picked up a book, put it down because it doesn't interest you...only to pick it back up months or years later?

The years part hasn't happened to me...mostly because I'm not old enough...the books I would have been reading 10 years would never appeal to me now. However, I have tried to read books that didn't work out at the time, only to work out later on.

So what does timing have to do with it? Do we choose the books? Or do the books choose us?

I often find traces of my own current life drama (lets face it, we all have a little bit of drama...it may be very different from our neighbor's...but it is there) in the book I am reading. Is this a coincidence? If so, of what sort? Do I see the similiarity between my life and those of the characters I'm reading about because I'm looking for it? Or is there some Librarian Reader's Adviosry God (L-RAG, I like it) who brings certain books to certain people at certain times? There is something comforting in that... that we are reading these books to learn, to see, to hope, to experience a life that can influence ours in some way, even if it is fictionalized.

I feel quite confident in my own reading choices. I would like to think it is in my own hands...but, I don't know...maybe not. What do you think? Is there an L-RAG following you through your public library's stacks?



p.s. I would totally be an L-RAG in another life if I could.

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